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Dear founders, investors and partners!

My name is Nikolay Sterlikov, previously I was hired as the Chairman of the Board and a member of the Board of Directors of UNIStream bank. We were developing and promoting the UNIStream payment system for five years! We were assured that we would sell a stake in the bank to an Institutional Investor, yet nobody knew when that would happen, even our consultants from Deloitte Touche. However, we painstakingly kept working, developed our business, software, network of cash desks, banks in partnership all over the world, increased the user base, and drove the value of transactions to more than $3.5 billion, as well as, prepared our due diligence and developed a model for an investment sale.

It was a meticulous daily work from 8-9 in the morning up until 23-24 with no weekends. One day we were visited by one of the potential major investors. As always, we told him about our project, depicted all the accomplishments and perspectives of dynamic growth the same way we did so many times when negotiating with other investors. However, our guests had a breakthrough and they were glad to make the decision to purchase a stake in the bank on the most profitable conditions for our shareholders! Half a year of counter audits, authorization and competency checks, creation of a whole lot of contracts and agreements, negotiations with our shareholders and regulatory authorities overseeing the deal went by. Only after all of that the remarkable day of signing the contract of sale with the Investor came. Next, we were receiving transactions of funds from the deal over the course of several months.

I joined Gem4me on March 23 of 2017, joined immediately, having understood the profitability of a complicated and technologically-rich project, a trending innovative project and at the same time the risk of a venture project. By having a two year experience of participating in the project as both a partner and an investor I am able to say that I see a major competent, dynamic work of the whole international team, a properly built Corporate System of Management, the rightly-chosen trends of development, promotional strategy, a prompt reaction to changes and alterations of tactical choices in accordance with the changes on the market, qualified legal and audit support of the project, and protection of the interests of us, private investors. With such a highly-professional, responsible, conscientious and honest approach form the Board of Directors and our whole team I am convinced of the successful accomplishment of our common goal – a highly-profitable sale of the messenger to a Strategic Investor! When? It is impossible to say! However, the more active we all are participating, each of us as much as they can, the faster it will occur and we will all receive the long-awaited result! We have a great future ahead, be patient!

With best wishes of fruitful partnership, Nikolay Sterlikov

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