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Personal account Gem4me financial plugin (English)

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In the previous instruction “Launching the Gem4me financial plugin”, we showed how to complete the registration process in the Gem4me financial plugin and the main settings of the personal cabinet of the financial plugin.

In this instruction we will show additional capabilities that are available in the personal cabinet.

As you remember, it is more convenient to access personal cabinet on a computer, since the computer’s screen is larger and all the necessary information is seen without having to move around the screen. You can access the personal cabinet by following this link: https://dashboard.coinfide.com

finpl 11 1

To enter the account, type out your phone number ( without the + symbol) or your email address, as a login (1), password (2) and press the Log in button.

Attention, the use of a phone number or an email address as a login is possible if you registered through the Registration button on Gem4me and have confirmed your email address, as it is described in the instruction

finpl 24

The personal cabinet can be separated into 4 blocks, conditionally. In the first block you will find the main menu. The information in both second and fourth blocks will change depending on what section you choose in the menu.

The third block allows to: 

finpl 27

1. See new notifications, which will appear if somebody sent you money, or if the person to whom you sent money has confirmed the receival of the funds. The number next to the bell stands for the amount of such notifications. If you click on the notifications sign, you will see the notifications themselves. 

finpl 28

If you click on a notification, you will be directed to a corresponding section of the main menu, to manage a transfer (confirm or cancel a transfer) or to receive a detailed information.

In addition, you have the ability to see all of the notifications.

Be advised, if you confirmed your email address, the notifications will be doubled to your email address.

2. Journal of recent activity.

3. See the fees or to exit the cabinet.

4. Change the language.

Over the main menu (block 1) there is a button 

finpl 25

That allows to fold/unfold the main menu in case there is not enough space on your screen.

The main menu consists of the following sections:

1. Introduction - shows the 10 most recent transactions in block 2, shows current balance in block 4 and gives you the ability to quickly add or transfer funds.

2. My wallet - allows to add funds to your account from a bank card or a bank account or to withdraw the funds, it consists of the following subsections:

2.1. Add funds - to add funds you can use a bank card or a bank account.

finpl 26

If you have already linked a card, then you can enter the amount (1), that you want to deposit to the account, enter the security code (3), and press the Continue (4) button. If you linked several cards, you have the ability to choose a card (2). If necessary you can enter the information of a new card (5).

After pressing the Continue (5) button you will be directed to the confirmation page 

finpl 29

where you can check the card’s number, from which the funds will be withdrawn, the amount and the fee for the transaction. If you find a mistake, press Edit, if everything looks satisfactory, press Continue, to complete the transaction. 

finpl 30

On the next screen you will see the report of success/failure of the transaction. To check the state of the account you can go to the Introduction section of the menu or Reports->Transactions.

2.2. Withdrawal - allows to withdraw the funds on a card or a bank account.

The funds withdrawal can be done to your bank account or to a verified card. The funds withdrawal function is available only after a client’s completed identification.   

3. My cards - allows to manage your cards (add, verify, choose the primary or delete a card) how to add and verify a card we have discussed in the previous instruction.

4. Money transfers  - allows to transfer funds to any user of the financial plugin, request funds from any financial plugin user and to see the history of your transactions.  

4.1. My monetary transfers - allows to manage transfers and see the transaction history 

finpl 32

When looking at the transaction history there is an option to conduct a search through transactions (1). Choose transactions for the requested period (2), manage active transfers (3) and export transfers in a table format (4).

4.2. Transfer - allows to create a transfer to any user of the Gem4me financial plugin, similarly to the transfers in the app.

finpl 33

To make a transfer it is mandatory to:

-  include the phone number/email address of the receiver (1),

- enter the amount to be transferred (2),

- choose the currency, if needed (3),

- If you want for the transfer to be secured, you can use a code for payment confirmation (4), the code will be available on the step (confirmation step)

- Can add a description to the payment (5), in order to identify it better.

- Press Continue to send the transfer (6).

finpl 34

If you chose to use a security code for confirmation at the previous step, you can copy the code (1) during the Confirmation stage and send it to the receiver,without which he won’t be able to receive the transfer.  Press Continue to finalize the payment. 

finpl 35

4.3. Request - allows to post a simplified bill for any user of the Gem4me financial plugin. 

finpl 36

Just like when making the transfer, you need to include the email address or the phone number of the receiver (1). However, unlike the transfer, you can send several requests at the same time. In order to add another request press the + (2) symbol. If you created an extra line, you can delete it (3). The total amount is counted automatically. The description (4) of all the requests that you are sending simultaneously as a “package” will be identical. To send the request(s) press the Request button.

finpl 37

You can see all your requests and to manage the active ones under the Invoices-> My Invoices section of the main menu. 

5. Currencies-> My Currencies - allows you to set a default currency. The process of setting a default currency we have reviewed in the previous instruction.

6. Invoices

6.1. My Invoices - allows you to manage active invoices and requests , as well as, monitor the history of transactions. 

finpl 38

When looking at the history of transactions you can: search (1), choose transactions for the duration of the requested period (2), manage active invoices:

- mark as paid (3), if the payment was made in a different way, it is important to monitor the statistics, ,

- remind (4), allows to send a reminder of a payment that hasn’t been paid yet.

- Cancel an invoice (5), if it’s not needed anymore.

In addition, you have the ability to export it as a table (6).

6.2. Create a new invoice - a request that we haven’t looked at before, is the simplified version of an invoice.  This section of the menu allows to create a request that has all the necessary properties to be a complete invoice.  

7. Reports->Transactions, allows to see all the activity of your account.

8.  Profile - contains the main settings for your accounts and notifications.

8.1. Information about an account 

finpl 39

- main email address - it is very important to click See and check that your email address is set as default.  

finpl 40

Even if you have only 1 email account and you have confirmed it, it may not be the primary one. If there isn’t a mark under Primary (1) in the with the primary email address, click Set as primary (2).  

- Password - allows to change the password.  

- Primary email - allows to set addresses that you can include when sending requests.

- Mobile phone number - allows to add your mobile phone numbers. You can use your primary phone number as a login to enter you personal cabinet. 

finpl 41

If you registered on a computer or you simply need to add another phone number press the Add button.

finpl 42

Enter the country’s code (the + sign is not necessary) and the phone number. 

finpl 43

 After adding the phone number you need:

To press the Send Code (1) button, so that the confirmation code can be sent to that phone number.

To click Verification (2) to enter the code that you received on your phone.  

To press the Set as primary (3) button, if that is the only phone number that you want to substitute for the primary phone number. In case you made a mistake you can change the number (4) or delete the number.

Attention! If you registered in your personal cabinet from a computer then you don’t have a primary phone number set. You will not be able to access the Gem4me financial plugin application on your phone until you set the primary phone number.

If you receive an error when trying to set a primary phone number: Internal system error

finpl 45

Then you need to delete the phone number and add it again (and repeat the steps described above). In case of it does not work again, you will need to notify the support services by emailing them at   Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Security questions - necessary for reinstating the access to the account in a case of a forgotten password.

8.2. Financial information - allows to see and edit the primary currency, credit card, bank account and tax information.

8.3. Account settings - allows to edit your timezone and preferred language.

8.4. Notification center - contains all notifications. We have previously looked at the third block, in which all the latest notifications are displayed. However, after seeing a notification it disappears from the latest notifications and you can see them again in this section of the menu.  

9. Last section of the menu - Exit. I don’t think this needs any comments.

If you have questions or concerns remaining, please leave them in the comments and we will be happy to help. 

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