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Четверг, 05 Июль 2018 01:26

Gem4me 5 000 000 users !!! We did it!!!

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Sergey Samsonov:

Congratulations dear colleagues! This is our major victory on the path to the multi-billion-dollar deal!

This number, 5 million of users in Google Play consists of hard work and sleepless nights of each and everyone of us! So much effort, belief and love we’ve devoted to it!

This is our victory! Just remember how hard it was to reach the first 10 000? Do you remember how many times we’ve heard the phrase: “When you have a million users in Google Play, then I will join!” at our meetings?
It is crucial that we understand that our train of success can not be stopped now! We’ve accomplished 1 million, we’ve been through 5 million and will achieve 50 million and so on! Don’t’ be shy! Take a bigger piece of this multi-billion-dollar pie for yourself! There aren’t many shares left! Make the decision of how much you will increase your portfolio by when it is so easy!

You didn’t know what would happen to Bitcoin when it was worth dollars, but you do know what will happen to shares, which are still available to you, your family members and all of your surroundings!
Today’s accomplishment, our victory today of 5million of users in Google Play – is the latest acknowledgement for our sub consciousness, everything that distracts you must be eliminated and we must focus on only one notion, how big of a piece will you take for yourself from this multi-billion-dollar pie for yourself and your family! Today is the golden time when there are no limits, the decision is up to you!


Arkady Ostrokon:


I congratulate all on the next achievement! The official estimate has grown to $ 156 million, and on the Google play market there are already 5,000,000 installations, and this is even without ICO financing! Oh, we are steadily approaching the most long-awaited: realization is striving for the final stages and we are becoming stronger and more noticeable every day. Those who are with us - well done, who are not with us - also well done, we will get more. Faith does not have to be, think with your head and weigh a combination of factors, and then everything becomes obvious.

Try to avoid the day when you begin to ask yourself many unpleasant questions, because it will necessarily come. Take care of your loved ones today, while stocks are still on sale.

Good and Happy to all!
Sincerely, Arkady

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