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Презентация  мессенджера Gem4me на английском языке

Presentation of the instant messenger Gem4me in English


Sehr geehrte Partner!

Alle Werbeaktionen haben Ablaufdaten! Wie wir zuvor bereits angekündigt haben, werden der aktuelle Marketingplan und alle Werbeaktionen des Unternehmens am 6. März 2017 enden.

Ab dem 7. März 2017 wird ein neuer neuer Marketingplan initialisiert, der die graduelle monatliche Verminderung der Anzahl von Aktien in allen Businesspaketen hervorsieht.

Neue Pakete GEM4ME INVESTITIONEN (ab dem 7.03.2017)

Name des Paketes Go Biz Premium Premium+ Invest Promo
Preis des Paketes, $







Preis einer Aktie, $







Anzahl an Aktien die der Käufer eines Paketes erhält (Investor)







Anzahl an Aktien die ein Sponsor erhält







Rechte um Promopaket zu kaufen






Bitte beachten Sie

  • Die folgenden Pakete kann ein Partner nur einmalig kaufen: Go, Biz und Premium. Nichtsdestotrotz kann ein Partner eine unbegrenzte Anzahl and Invest Paketen kaufen.
  • Ein Partner erhält die Anzahl an Aktien die angemessen für seinen Status ist.
  • Die erwähnte Anzahl an Aktien (sowie alle anderen Gegenleistungen) werden nur nach dem Erwerb von Business Support an den Sponsor ausgegeben.
  • Ein Partner hat das Recht so viele Promo Pakete zu kaufen wie sie für seinen Status angemessen sind und wie es in der oben gezeigten Tabelle beschrieben ist, aber nicht mehr.

Über das Jahr 2017 wird die Anzahl an Aktien graduell vermindert, wobei die Preise dementsprechend steigen. Bitte machen Sie sich mit dem Darstellungsbeispiel vertraut in dem die Anzahl der Aktien und deren Preise für die Monate März und April des Jahres 2017 aufgezeigt werden. Wir benutzen das Invest Paket als Beispiel.

  Preis einer Aktie, $/€ Anzahl der Aktien im Invest Paket (Gesamt) Anzahl der Aktien im Invest Paket (Investor) Anzahl der Aktien im Invest Paket (Sponsor)
Vor dem 14.03.2017





Ab dem 15.03.2017





Ab dem 01.04.2017





Die Anzahl der Aktien in anderen Paketen wird getreu der obigen Tabellen auch graduell vermindert.

Wir wünschen ihnen dass Sie diese Gelegenheiten nutzen und somit möglichst schnell finanziellen Erfolg erreichen.

Dear partners!

All promotions have expiration dates! As we have announced earlier, the Company’s current marketing plan and promotions end on March 6th 2017.

Starting March 7th 2017, a new marketing  plan will be initialized in recognition of gradual monthly diminishment of the amount of shares in all business packages.   

New Packages GEM4ME INVESTMENTS (as of 7.03.2017)

Name of the package Go Biz Premium Invest Promo
Price of a package, $ 90 360 990 3000 60
Price of one share, $ 30 30 30 30 30
Amount of shares issued to the buyer of a package


2 8 22 67 2
Amount of shares issued to a sponsor 1 4 11 33 0
Rights to purchase Promo packages 2 4 6 10

Please note:

  • The following packages a partner can only purchase in the quantity of one: Go, Biz, and Premium; however, a partner can purchase an unlimited amount of Invest packages.  
  • A partner receives the amount of shares that is appropriate for his status.
  • The mentioned amount of shares (as well as all other rewards) are issued to the sponsor only after the purchase of Business Support.
  • A partner has the right to buy such an amount of Promo packages that is in accordance to his status and what is described in the table above, but not more.

Over the course of 2017, the amount of shares in all packages will be gradually reduced, while their prices will increase accordingly. Please familiarize yourself with the breakdown example of the amount of shares and their prices for the months of March and April of 2017. We are using Invest package as an example.


Price of a share, $/€

Amount of shares in Invest the package (total) Amount of shares in the Invest package (Investor) Amount of shares in the Invest package (Sponsor)
Before 14.03.2017


100 67 33
Starting from 15.03.2017 35€ 86 57 29
Starting from 01.04.2017 40€ 75 50 25

The amount of shares in other packages will be gradually reducing as well, in accordance to their prices shown in the table.

We kindly remind you that there are only a few days left over the course of which you will have the ability to purchase the packages with the maximum amount of shares! We wish for you to use these opportunities and to achieve financial success as soon as possible! 

Замечательный ролик Gem4me революция на немецком языке

Wunderbarer Film Gem4me Revolution in Deutsch

Обновленная версия ролика Gem4me революция на английском языке.

In the previous instruction “Launching the Gem4me financial plugin”, we showed how to complete the registration process in the Gem4me financial plugin and the main settings of the personal cabinet of the financial plugin.

In this instruction we will show additional capabilities that are available in the personal cabinet.

As you remember, it is more convenient to access personal cabinet on a computer, since the computer’s screen is larger and all the necessary information is seen without having to move around the screen. You can access the personal cabinet by following this link: https://dashboard.coinfide.com

finpl 11 1

To enter the account, type out your phone number ( without the + symbol) or your email address, as a login (1), password (2) and press the Log in button.

Attention, the use of a phone number or an email address as a login is possible if you registered through the Registration button on Gem4me and have confirmed your email address, as it is described in the instruction

finpl2 1

In any chat, next to the “Smileys” sign you will see the $ sign. This means that you have installed the version that supports the financial plugin.

Press the $ sign to open the menu of the Gem4me financial plugin. 

In order to have the ability to withdraw funds off of your Gem4me account to your bank account or onto a verified card that belongs to you, you need to fully complete the client’s identification (verification).

For the identification to be completed, the client must send an email to this email address:Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Such email must be sent from the email account that is verified in your financial plugin account (i.e. the email account that you used when registering in the Gem4me financial plugin and have previously confirmed, more)


Email’s Subject:


In the email you are required to include electronic copies of the following documents:

1. A document proving your identity - travel (international) passport. In case you don't have one, the verification can be completed using the normal passport, under one circumstance: the passport must have a so called MP3-code (example of MP3-code).

Only passports with an MP3-code are accepted by the European Union for identification (In Russia, such passports are implemented since 2010).

2. A document proving your address of residence. The following documents are accepted for this step:

- A copy of a bank statement, which includes the address, as well as, proof of having accounts in a bank.

- A copy of a utility bill (for example, an electricity bill that has your name, last name and address of residence on it).

- A copy of a certificate/ proof of the residency at an address.



  • Documents must be of high quality: scanned or taken a picture of, meaning screenshots are not accepted.
  • Documents proving an address of residency can not be older than 3 months and must show your full name and address.

Once your documents are reviewed,  you will receive an email to your email account congratulating you of the successful verification.

The buttons for the withdrawal of funds will become active in the Withdraw section.

finpl verif eng1

Обновленный рекламный ролик Gem4me РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ 2017.

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